The PBS Nature episode Superfish was enlightening on how much overfishing of billfish has occurred. We’ve mapped out the points in the ocean where currents converge. These places are normally feeding and breeding grounds, but they’re also the perfect places to fish and haul in the biggest possible catch. Problem is, this makes it so much easier to overfish. When hundreds of boats haul up tons of fish every day, it’s easy to see this heading in a bad direction.

Any solution to this will be criticized, but hmmm… Should we be eating fish that we didn’t catch? Problem with this is you can extrapolate it to all food. It’s just not possible to require everyone to grow/kill/catch their own food. Should we be eating things that aren’t present in our immediate vicinity? Should places more than 2 miles from coastlines be allowed to import seafood? Where do we draw the line? I don’t know, I’m just asking questions.