Guess what I found in my trash can? Yesterday a bit of fall was in the air so I decided to linger and do some yard cleanup. While near the trash can, which normally doesn’t smell at all, I looked inside to see if the trash bag had broken and left some trash behind. Yes. And then I looked closer, tipped the can and something moved in the bottom. Apparently I woke up a baby opossum, with a body about 7 inches long. Damn they’re cute. I’m surprised how calm he was. Perhaps he climbed the nearby tree to jump in but couldn’t get back out. Even though some of his relatives ended up in our walls and attic last year, I don’t kill things. (Nature does that quite well on its own.) So I tipped over the can next to our shed so it had a place to hide.

Then a frisky-ass neighborhood cat found him around 8:30pm and chased him up a tree near our back porch. Kristen scared off the cat and I didn’t see the small fry this morning. Hopefully he found some shelter, food and love.