I remember when I was a kid and someone once said that many collapsed societies did so after they no longer had a problem with public nudity. Of course this was coming from a religious person. Man I wish kids could slap adults for being stupid.

It’s official: Hair stylists put “product” in before you leave to hide the mess-ups. Beware.

Speculation about a profitable side effect: There’s never enough jelly in the Smucker’s packs at restaurants to cover your toast or even your English muffin so you end up using twice the number you would normally. They may have started with bigger packs and then sought a way to cut costs, which happens all the time (Cadbury creme eggs really are smaller). The size reduction surely cut costs, and also probably doubled their orders.

Why are bananas bitter at one end? Aren’t we all a little upset when we first come into the world?

If you think there’s no originality left in the world, nothing new to be done, then you’re sheltered and need to look harder.