I enjoy watching CBS Sunday Morning. It’s on from 9am to 10:30am, so if you extrapolate you can see that it’s not for church-going types. In one episode Bill Geist did a story about the adult entertainment awards … so you can see what I mean. It’s a perfect replacement for the hectic time that normally consists of trying to round up your kids and get them willing or, god-willing, excited to go to church.

It is a very positive and slow-paced program. The disheartening “real news” stories take up a smidgen of time right at the beginning, leaving the rest of the program’s positively lit features to cheer you up. There’s always something the major news networks have missed, like surrogate motherhood, features on little-known authors/artists. It’s oftentimes inspiring. Check it.

(Oh. I’ve been itching to mess with internet video lately, so this might be a great post for me to read at you so you can watch my facial expressions. Now that I’ve posted this I can get back to work.)