I didn’t expect learning of variations in Core 2 Duo processors and sockets while fixing my mom’s laptop to lead to interest in building a new PC, but that’s what happened. Shopping for parts takes too much time but I powered through, eventually narrowed it down, and made some purchases. Wanted something quiet and efficient (80 Plus Gold power supply, fanless graphics card, Core i5 2400, 8G RAM). Kristen mentioned Bioshock as a game I might like which gave me a performance-related goal.

The new desktop machine means my laptop will mostly sit idle, but since a stand-up desk is my preferred work setup I’m fine with that. In the process I’ll be retiring several ATA drives, the old computer case I’ve had for 10 years, and have now entered the realm of 64-bit operating systems, Intel VT for qemu and quad-core processors. My laptop was dual-core, so it’s not a huge leap, but at least now I can run Folding more effectively.

I’m finding Steam’s “free weekend” promos on newish games to be quite enjoyable. I’ve never been able to play games this new and it’s nice to have something mindless to do for a few hours on weekends, even if it is poking around a first-person shooter. As for games I’ve purchased for more concentrated play: Lumeand Machinarium, in addition to the new Sam ‘n Max series and the Monkey Island re-releases.

To close on a more somber note, I hope these money-spending detours are over because I feel I should get back to learning and creating. It’s been a two month hiatus / dry spell. No drumline music, no code outside of work. Sigh.