I finally finished fixing up my mom’s laptop. Several mis-diagnoses later, and it’s back with the original fan, new processor, new thermal compound, fast maxed-out RAM, new battery, and new install of Windows 7. Whew. One CAN buy laptop processors on Ebay if one pays attention.

The past few months have also taught me that some Amazon sellers will sneak a knock-off product to your doorstep. I attribute this to malice, and not a listing mis-match. Ugh.

In an effort to remove friction from writing music I’m finally going to purchase Sibelius. It’ll integrate nicely with Virtual Drumline, and will hopefully make it easier to get into the habit of writing at least a few notes a day. The goal is to make some progress every day but more specifically I want to benefit from idle-time problem solving that brains tend to do.

Still extremely torn about whether I’m going to teach drumline this year. Forty-hours a week, plus 1-2 practices a week, and having to make up lost work time is NOT an option anymore. Makes me miserable. There is a discussion to be had with my boss, but part of me would rather direct that energy towards writing music or recreation.