I haven’t been writing enough lately. Facebook’s 2-cent interactions haven’t satisfied, and I’ve noticed myself having a harder time organizing and explaining complex thoughts. That needs to change.

On a related note, initially I thought it was a good idea to separate my blogs into technical and non-technical. My intent was to be considerate of whatever audience I may have, to let them know what to expect. But that’s proving to be a pain in the ass because sometimes my posts are a blend of tech and non-tech. And it also means I have multiple places/accounts/sites to keep track of, but that’s more of a mental hangup that an actual hardship.

What does all this mean? It means that some day soon I may consolidate my blogs and sites. The SEO-knowledgable person in me wants to keep them somewhat separate. The lazy programmer in me wants to avoid scaling/incessant-bot issues by moving all my writing to my wordpress.com account. The control-freak in me wants to not be at the mercy of a third-party. And the always-learning programmer in me wants another excuse to try a static html publishing tool, and also an excuse to start experimenting with bot-thwarting code. Again, the lazy programmer in me wants it all to just fucking work so I can write more.