On Nov 11, I updated the survey system on Flam Swiss, my drumline cadence composition venture. In the process I also thought, I’ll dedicate the right side of the site to surveys, that way they won’t be missed, and visitors will know what to expect.

Well, this also means I removed my photo from the right-side of the site. It was on every page and sat just above the survey questions. It was a personal touch and was an instant clue as to who’s behind the site and the cadences. During the two days that the photo was removed I received no survey responses. There were 10-13 visitors during that time period so I expected to get at least 1 submission.

Last night I realized what I had done, added the photo back, and today somebody submitted answers to three questions. I’m not ruling out a pure coincidence, but I still think a personal touch is priceless.