Nothing monumental happened when I posted my previous entry, but I was amazed at how many people seem to have Google Blog Search alerts set up for “josh groban”.

On March 31, I had 20 visitors that came from their web-based email boxes (15 yahoo, 3, 2 aol). I’m assuming they were alerted by Google, but I don’t really know. 46 total visitors. 27 people apparently clicked through to the Adult Swim video clip. On April 1, I had 6 visitors from web-based email (3 yahoo, 3 18 total views on that entry. 10 clicked through to the clip. April 2 had a similar breakdown, albeit slightly fewer views.

Nobody commented on what I wrote. Maybe they did or maybe they didn’t realize it was riddled with sarcasm. Either way, I was surprised to have even that many visitors. And I surely don’t mind that I can’t get some of those Casey and His Brother songs out of my head.