(I accidentally deleted this post. Here’s a reconstruction)

Wednesdays are magical. Here’s my schedule:

  • Rise at 6:30 or 7
  • Check my “sites” and email
  • Run for 15 minutes or exercise in some capacity
  • Shower and eat
  • Hop on my bike and head out the door to arrive at a downtown coffee shop just before 9am
  • Begin working for my clients
  • Lunch with my woman at 11:30
  • Continue working until 2 or 3pm
  • Then … whatever!

This one day in the middle of the work week is often the best one of all. How could it not be? It’s strategically positioned as a symmetic separator of a work schedule we’re all bored with. It also makes use of the fact that I’m more geared up during the middle of the week. Traditionally, Monday and Tuesday tend to be the most depressing days of my life. Looking ahead and seeing a stretch of 3-4 more 8-hour days is not comforting. And it normally destroys my motivation. No longer. I aim to never work 8 hours, 5 days a week, again.