I think Radiohead’s Kid A album was originally titled “Kinda”. Then they realized some would try to apply the title to the contents of the CD, so they tried a little harder to avoid making too obvious their lack of musical effort. I still think “kinda” is a good answer to a question about how worthwhile Radiohead albums are to buy.

Remember: You can’t sing from your heart with your eyes open. Haven’t you ever been to a charismatic christian church service? Remember all the closed eyes, open mouths and wet faces? … Yeah, it made me uncomfortable too. No, I’m not going back either. To church in general.

New Level of Difficulty: Think of the learning game, “Which of these things doesn’t belong”. It’s the game where you present 4 to 8 items to a kid and have them pick the item that doesn’t share some characteristic with the others. They have to figure out which characteristic works best. Start with that game, but use only two items. Then tell them to “choose wisely.” It’s a weak stretch, but it’s supposed to teach kids about real life … the kind where you don’t know what the hell is going on, and all options have something wrong with them. (And yeah, I don’t really think this is a good idea. I’m just running with the idea that nothing is black and white.)