Amanda Nguyen is truly inspiring. That’s not something I say lightly.

  • She formulated an effective strategy for getting important bills passed unanimously.
  • She passed legislation by “taking our egos and shoving [them] somewhere”. Oh and compromise and respect. Yes!
  • She fought to fix the broken criminal justice system as it pertains to sexual assault, and rolled that experience into Rise Justice Labs.
  • Oh, and she’s training to become an astronaut.
  • The ZeroUSA campaign wants to ensure that politicians will be safe in voting for gun violence prevention legislation. Founded by someone who doesn’t want to lose his second sister to gun violence. Damn, that’s heart-breaking.
  • “This is a time of frustration, of political tribalism, and of waning faith in our democracy. And I don’t think there’s ever been a more vital moment in our history for people to understand that they hold the power.”
  • “I needed to work with people from all walks of life and people I didn’t agree with in order to pass laws.”
  • “In order for a healthy democracy to function, it’s citizens need to be able to hash things out. And we, I think, in this moment of extreme toxic political tribalism, have lost that.”

Listen to Amanda in the Chaos is a Ladder episode of Pod Save Amerca. Fast forward to 57:10 in the player below. Well worth 17 minutes of your time.

Next up for me is listening to her on Crooked Conversations. Player below: